including microdermabrasion and treatment as described
Microdermabrasion with A Natural Difference peel, extraction,serums and concentrates, mask  
Face and neck € 87,
Face and décolleté € 99,-
Back (specific area) € 95,-
Entire back € 120,-
Special treatment
includes a facial with microdermabrasion as well as 20 minutes of energetic massage and a final algae mask
€ 120,-
Power Plus Treatment
includes microdermabrasion, combined application of two peels and a finishing algae mask
€ 120,-


This peel is ideal for very sensitive skin that does not tolerate strong exfoliants. Obtained from spinach, the enzyme bromelain gently removes dead skin scales. Aloe vera, enzymes and allantonin protect against dry skin, regenerate, and reduce irritation.

Obtained from pumpkin, this treatment contains plant-derived hormones, beta carotin and co-enzymes. It moistens the skin and stimulates natural regeneration processes. Treatment strengths range from a very mild 2% Spa Pumpkin with lactic acid to a high-dosage 35% preparations for professionals. Spa Pumpkin is an ideal starting point for sensitive skin or a a preventative measure against aging and discoloration treatments. It lends skin a healthy glow. Higher-dosage products feature rhubarb fruit acids and stimulate the skin’s own regenerative powers to combat the aging process; they prove ideal for tired, slack skin with large pores.

The summery alternative to a pumpkin peel. It contains many vitamins and nutrients, antioxidants and natural fruit acids. The chiral 10% lactic acid’s keratolytic effect reduces small wrinkles, while at the same time moisturizing the skin.

Active oxygen delivers energy and life force to the skin. An influx of oxygen encourages detoxification and stimulates the skin’s metabolism, improves circulation and delivers moisture to the tissues. Very effective for whiteheads and pallid smoker’s skin. The chiral vitamin A present in Oxygenprofessional tightens and smooths as well as lightens.

This pure chiral Vitamin A (not a Vitamin A acid) from A Natural Difference acts as the key to the lock on our cell receptors. This principle is very effective for anti-aging treatments and to correct sun damage, wrinkles, and slack, dry, flaky, or spotty skin.

Highly antioxidant and anti-inflammatory active ingredients from cherries, blueberries, red wine, raspberries and pomegranates make up this popular peel. Lactic, wine, and almond acids stimulate a light exfoliation of the skin, improve the skin’s appearance, smooth, tighten, and balance hyperpigmentation.

Rhubarb’s fruit acids treat calluses and stimulate the regeneration of collagen and elastin. This excellent anti-aging treatment combats callusing, enlarged pores, tired and slack skin, as well as skin impurities.

This 20% lactic acid formulation gently removes callused skin, moistures and smooths and readies the skin for subsequent treatments.

For appropriately prepared – or somewhat tougher – skin, several combinations of more intensive treatments may be applied, for example a 20% Cleopatra Peel with oxygen or Chiral A exfoliant.

Thanks to my extensive experience with of cosmetic anti-aging treatments as well as a thorough familiarity with the products and options currently available on the market – and my strong personal interest – I have begun, in recent years, to focus more closely on problem skin treatments. In order to meet your expectations, it is absolutely necessary that we have a thorough consultation prior to treatment to discuss perceptions, wishes, and achievable possibilities. Cosmeceutic treatments are very powerful, but cannot replace the scalpel.

Treatment steps: Cleansing; toning; microdermabrasion; application of the peel with a finishing stream treatment; professional extraction; application of serums and concentrates; when appropriate, use of diathermy and ultrasound; masks, eye cream and finishing care. Length: 90 minutes.

A clear, fresh, radiant skin tone that you can comfortably present to the outside world right away.
When a more intensive effect is desired, it is advisable to take a more in-depth approach. Four treatments within two weeks has proven very effective. After that, receiving a treatment within regular intervals is highly recommended. Treatment results are optimized by using customized skin care products, which we will gladly recommend.



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