Until recently, tailored skincare regimens were based on a visual assessment. Now one.gen/0,1 presents a new dimension of anti-aging skincare with an analysis of your own unique DNA that determines your skin’s specific needs and addresses them with personalized, high-tech genomic cosmetics. The active ingredients in your custom-formulated elixir balance out your skin’s vulnerabilities and enhance your skin’s best qualities.


Genetic analysis and starter kit
Starter Kit contains 1x Gen Peel, 1x Elixir with 3 Boosters, 1x Sinergy
€ 850,-
Gen Peel € 89,-
Elixir with 3 Boosters € 390,-
Sinergy € 119,-


The remaining 0.1% of genes are what make us unique. They determine our eye color, blood type, and our skin’s tendency to develop pigment spots, laugh lines, redness or acne.

The 30-day treatment consists of a cream (Gen Peel), boosters (Gen Elixir) and a seal (Gen Sinergy). Boosters stimulate the production of hyaluronic acid, plumping deep wrinkles, strengthening connective tissue, reducing pigmentation and redness, and achieving a more uniform complexion. one.gen/0,1’s customized regimen is guaranteed paraben-free and is never tested on animals.

The test uses a simple saliva sample. For half an hour before the test, you’ll be asked to not eat, drink, smoke or wear lip balm or lipstick. You receive your unique analysis within 4-5 weeks.

Yes. Regardless of age, gender or skin type, everyone will get comprehensive results from the saliva test.

Yes. Your sample will be given a code so that your identity is revealed only to your esthetician.

No. one.gen/0,1 products have no influence on your DNA. The treatment regimen helps improve your skin’s appearance by addressing your genetically predetermined trouble areas.

The test analyzes 7 areas: 

  • Skin Structure: The test looks at the resilience and flexibility of the connective tissue. Genetic predisposition can lead to a tendency toward laugh lines and lack of skin tone. 
  • Cutaneous Intolerance: The test analyzes your skin’s response to external influences. An excessive immune response and related inflammatory processes can mean a tendency to lack of skin tone or wrinkles. Depending on genetic predisposition, inflammatory processes can lead to rosacea, erythema, itching, acne or post-inflammation spots. 
  • Wrinkling: The test looks at the genes that are responsible for dealing with facial micro-contractions and for the breakdown of hyaluronic acid. Genetic predisposition can result in wrinkles and laugh lines. 
  • Hyperpigmentation: The test looks for proteins and enzymes that cause increased production of melanin, leading to hyperpigmentation of the skin. Genetic predisposition can result in pigment spots, melasma or chloasma (mask of pregnancy). 
  • Cellular Longevity: The test determines the ability of the skin’s cell cycle regulation to function under stress. Genetic predisposition can lead to flaws in the cellular DNA repair process. 
  • Skin Detoxification: The test looks at increases and decreases in cell activity as well as at the enzymes that are responsible for cell detoxification. Cell detoxification is important for cells to function smoothly, leading to general wellness and skin health. Genetic predisposition can lead to the accumulation of free radicals, toxins and lipofuscin spots (age spots). 
  • BMI (Body Mass Index): The test looks at genes that have to do with lipid metabolism as well insulin sensitivity and cellular reactions to nutrition status. An imbalance in any of these processes has a direct reaction on the body’s lipid depots (fat deposits) and leads to an increase in body mass index. 

In addition to your test results, you’ll receive a list of recommended foods and supplements, based on your genetic profile, that will help your body achieve health and balance. Your genetic analysis results will be evaluated alongside the lifestyle questionnaire you filled out at the beginning of the process. This combination determines which individually assembled elixirs will be right for you. While you wait for your test results, you’ll prepare your skin with the Gen Peel.


A creamy emulsion with restorative qualities that prepares your skin for its personalized treatment. This micro-ablative cream supports your skin’s natural regeneration and encourages the elimination of dead cells and skin impurities. It contains a second-generation polyhydroxy – a highly efficient but non-irritating peel — and papain, which has an enzymatic peeling effect. 

Active Ingredient: Pel Moist Gluconalcton


A fundamental, highly effective serum that operates on three levels, according to your genetic profile. The Gen Elixir is the foundation of your custom treatment, helping the active ingredients absorb deeply. The final formulation contains 65% active ingredients. The serum delivers long-lasting moisture and protects skin from free radicals. It enhances the microcirculation of blood and lymph, achieving an immediate lifting effect.

Active ingredients: Hydasine-betain, Preventhelia, Aloe vera-Eyeseryl, Ciclodextrin


A protective, synergistic moisture cream that supports the absorption and the effectiveness of your individualized treatment. This molecular film, based on antarcticine and FHN, strengthens the effect of the elixir. It improves the skin’s barrier function and delivers your skin just the right supply of moisture. Like the serum, it has an antioxidant effect and optimally protects the skin.


Active Ingredients: Betaihydasine, Aloe vera-Preventhelia, Lipochroman, Xpertmoist one.gen/0,1 ist paraben-free und never tested on animals.




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