Needle-free hyaluronic acid and oxygen treatment for the skin.

The O2 Balance applicator guarantees painless introduction into the skin of low molecular hyaluronic acid to a depth of up to 2.5 mm with the help of molecular oxygen. In the field of cosmetic medicine, hyaluronic acid is used for wrinkle filling, lip sculpting, skin revitalization and improvements to the facial contours. Apart from injections, hyaluronic acid can be introduced into the skin using ampoules, a gel, serum or cream. In such cases, however, the active agent cannot penetrate the deeper layers of the skin and with many products the effect is minimal. With the help of oxygen and the patented jet application system developed by O2 Balance, low molecular hyaluronic acid is introduced into the dermis, where it can spread and replenish the skin’s moisture reserves.


Face and neck € 150,-
Face, neck and décolleté € 190,-
Three treatments for face, neck and décolleté € 390,-
Three treatments for face, neck and décolleté € 490,-
Hands and underarms including microdermabrasion and 02balance spray application € 70,-


  • Before balls and other social events for targeted “padding” of the skin
  • For a full and well perfused skin and even complexion
  • After laser treatment, microneedling, sunburn etc. for cooling and regeneration
  • For people who are afraid of injections or painful treatments 
  • For improved vitality and wellbeing in people with fluctuating performance levels

The O2 Balance cosmetic spray system atomizes the low molecular active agents and employs a brusher to apply them to the skin with the help of  molecular oxygen. The effects: Skin perfusion is improved and the complexion becomes smoother after the first treatment already. This application is especially suitable for sensitive and stressed skins.

The active agent is introduced into the skin via its tiny natural pores(intercellular transport). The jet injection method has been a standard medical procedure since the 1970s. The advantage: completely painless and very fast introduction of active agents into the skin without the use of needles.

  • Forehead wrinkles
  • Frown lines
  • Crows’ feet 
  • Large-pore complexions
  • Cheeks
  • Nasolabial folds
  • Chin
  • Marionette lines
  • Upper lip creases
  • Lip contour/volume

An oxygen therapy using the spray or jet application method has an immediate cooling effect, which makes it ideal for stressed skins in particular. The hyaluronic acid transported to the deeper layers effectively pads out the skin of the face, neck and décolleté. The overall result is a clear, smooth and even complexion. Regular application or a course of treatment reinforces the positive effects and counters aging in the skin. Additional daily care of the skin with hyaluron products like Yverum is recommended. Yverum Natural cosmetics are available as a serum, a 24h cream and also as a NEW eye and lip serum.

Oxygen inhalation has long been a standard treatment in the field of medicine. Our O2 Balance applicator produces approx. 95.8% oxygen, which is inhaled though a mask. In addition, the powerful oxygen ionizer produces negative ions. Thanks to the negative ions, the oxygen is transported faster from the lungs to the bloodstream. Oxygen binding in the blood and transport to the tissues are also improved. The negative ionized oxygen additionally stabilizes cellular function.

These positive properties are put to good use with our Oxygen Therapy and Vital Oxygen treatment, where they permit the length of the sessions to be significantly reduced – from a recommended inhalation period of two hours without the ionizer to just twenty minutes with the ionizer for the same effect.

Skin cleansing is followed by microdermabrasion and preparation of the skin with fruit or lactic acid peeling. The hyaluronic acid-oxygen application is performed taking due account of the lymphatic pathways. The application is performed on the skin of the face, neck and décolleté and can include the vicinity of the eyes. Further intensive treatment of wrinkles is then performed with the jet application method. Specific problem applications are also possible in this phase (nasolabial fold, frown lines, etc.). Oxygen inhalation can be administered to round off the treatment. Please do not hesitate to ask for counseling at no obligation!



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