Featuring state-of-the-art technology, the Vectus Diode Laser is considered the fastest and most effective available. Its functional wavelength of 800 nm is considered the gold standard for permanent body hair removal. The device now offers two different handpieces: a large high-speed handpiece that covers larger areas to quickly and effectively remove hair, and the conventional small handpiece with improved efficacy and speed. Using both helps us optimize the treatment and ensure success.


Upper lip € 40,-
Chin € 50,-
Upper lip and chin € 60,-
Neck € 90,-
Whole face € 140,-
Eyebrows € 50,-
Armpit € 110,-
Breast (peri mammilar) € 50,-
Bikini zone € 190,-
Bikini and intimate areas € 230,-
Lower leg € 260,-
Thighs € 290,-
Lower leg and thighs € 480,-
Lower arms € 180,-
Upper and lower arms € 210,-


Cheek € 70,-
Nose or Ears € 45,-
Whole Face € 230,-
Neck € 100,-
Intimate Area € 240,-
Buttocks € 200,-
Shoulders € 250,-
Shoulders and Back € 350,-
Chest € 250,-
Chest and Abdomen € 320,-
Lower arms € 190,-
Lower and Upper arms € 290,-
Whole legs € 550,-

Without extra price for anästhetic cream! All prices are maximum prices, inkl. 20% Mwst
September 2023

Due to the varying cost factors and treatment results between IPL and laser treatments, it is imprudent to compare costs. All prices given for epilation treatments are estimates only. Final pricing schedules will be tailored to your needs, to your size and to the extent of the hair removal required. If you require more than five treatments, the price of each treatment after the fifth will be reduced by at least ten percent.


The pulsed laser beam enters skin tissue in fractions of a second, is absorbed by the melanin (hair pigmentation) in the hair root, and is converted into heat. This thermal reaction leads to a denaturing and atrophy or destruction of the hair root.
The LightSheer diode laser's special cooling technology and pulsed laser light are easy on the skin's surface, protecting it from intense heat and risk of burning.
Our body hair goes through a fixed cycle: after the growth phase (anagen) follows the pause phase (katagen) and the falling-out phase (telogen). Hair can only be successfully destroyed in its anagen phase. Because each individual hair is in its own growth phase at any given time, several treatments must be carried out in order to ensure a lasting result.

Please do not tweeze, wax, or epilate at least 3 weeks before a treatment. Please refrain from using hair removal creams or bleaches as well.
In addition, please avoid intensive sun exposure and solarium visits before a treatment.

After a thorough consultation and explanation about the expected treatment, potential results and success, the area to be treated will be shaved.
Before the treatment of underarms, bikini lines and the bikini zone, a pain-numbing salve will be applied that will take around 30 minutes to begin working.
The cooled handpiece is introduced, ultrasound gel applied to the skin, and finally the area will be treated in overlapping strokes.
If necessary, the skin will be cooled before and afterward with cooling packs. As a finishing touch, a cooling salve or a panthenol spray containing menthol will be applied.

The number of treatments varies depending on body region and the patient's condition. Depending on the region, 15 to 25% of the hairs will usually be in the anagen phase. As a guiding rule, we usually recommend 5 treatments. The first 4 treatments should be carried out with a distance of 4 to 8 weeks between each. Depending on the body region, the hair grows at a different rate. Facial hair grows more quickly; therefore treatments can be carried out between 4 and 6 weeks apart; on all other body areas, with a spacing of 8 weeks. After 4 treatments, the growth rate is slowed and the intervals can be longer.

Temporary redness and a light swelling of the treated area may appear and is completely normal.

Because the Vectus Diode Laser is equipped with a pulse length of up to 400 ms, it is now possible to treat dark and tanned skin. If the treatment is implemented by experienced, medically trained personnel, there is no risk of side effects.

All treatments in our Laser Studio are performed by medically trained and educated staff.

Facial hair or other body hair often presents not only a cosmetic problem, but also a psychological stumbling block.

The medical indication for laser hair removal is recurring infection of the hair follicles. Treatment of areas on individuals suffering from neurodermitis and psoriasis has also proved successful.

By reading this page, you are one step closer to being "flawlessly hair-free from your head to your toes."

I offer you not only a professional treatment shaped by many years' experience, but also an atmosphere that values your intimate space – and in which you feel nurtured and cared for.

I will happily consult with you by telephone or during a face-to-face meeting.



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