Combining energetic treatments with sensitive coaching is an ideal combination that makes it easier for you to begin to access your inner self.

With the help of a directed relaxation, I will guide you step by step into your own world of images. At the same time, I support you energetically by laying on my hands and stimulating energy flows in the corresponding energy centers (chakras). Under my guidance, you are able to use images from your own subconscious and are empowered to use them to identify problems, discover your own underused resources, and work out solutions. In the most favorable outcome, your own self-awareness immediately follows. But the next step may be that you recognize that you still do not know yourself so completely.Or you might vehemently deny thinking of yourself in a certain way. In this case, the solution comes from acknowledging the dark side of your subconscious. When I offer you information, healing methods, energy transmission or other treatments, the process of acceptance and change comes from your own motivation. Healing is a very personal process that we cannot undertake for others, and which every person can and must take on at his own tempo and according to his own customized therapy.

Energy follows awareness!


€ 80,- per hour




Praxiszentrum Petricek
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Praxiszentrum Petricek, Wien

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