Aura reading is the foundation of Sensitive Coaching. The aura – the energy field that surrounds every person – stores a multiplicity of information. All thoughts, emotions, and deeds leading back even to family history are energetically stored here. By “reading” these images, I am able to make a statement about your current psychic and physical condition. This is a direct approach to dealing with the background of your current situation or the history of entanglements in which you may find yourself. This method is also optimal for revealing behavior patterns, relationship problems, and dealing with job and other life crises. My goal is to help you become aware of your behavior and thought patterns and the problems that may result from attaching to them.


€ 80,- per hour


I ask you to state your current condition in a sentence. This produces an energy field to which I can “hook up.” My third eye produces images and symbols that provide an entry point into the causes of your situation. My goal is to clarify and explain for you the interaction of causes and their effects. Final conversation and clarification of any questions.

  • Personality
  • Relationship
  • Job
  • Money
  • Career
  • Success
  • Charisma
  • Giving and Taking
  • Communication
  • Expressing your feminine and masculine side
  • Chakras
  • Past Lives



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Praxiszentrum Petricek, Wien

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