“Health is a state of complete physical, spiritual and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.” (WHO definition of health) Bio-energetic healing or spiritual healing can be achieved by many different menthods. However, it’s not the method that heals, rather the power and energy released during the process and allowed to flow freely. Every living thing seeks information that will better its living situation. Sometimes, despite all efforts, disease is present. This is because the forces causing the illness are able to overpower the self-regulatory powers.


€ 80,- per hour


Triggered by the birth of my first child and the resulting introduction to my holistic thinking and acting mother-in-law, Dr. Elisabeth Petricek (d. 1994), the world of alternative medicine opened to me. Curious about acupuncture, homeopathy and Bach flower remedies, and seeking to help more people, I embarked on a search for tools and treatments to complement my Western medical knowledge. My introduction was Monica Rigoni’s “Mit Gedankenkraft das Leben ändern” (Change Your Life Thorough the Power of Thought). When one embarks on this path, much reveals itself and happens of its own accord. Under Horst Krohne, I became a student of The School of Spiritual Healing. “Spiritual Healing Can Be Learned” is the title of one of his particularly inspiring books. During my studies, I sat among therapists, doctors and beginners on the benches, learning the ancient knowledge of mediality and spirituality. This four-year certification is accredited and certified through the Europäischen Dachverband für Geistheilung (European Umbrella Association for Spiritual Healing). Horst Krohne also introduced me to astrology. For many years now, this ancient knowledge has been flowing into my professional and personal life. I use it to help prevent the occasional intensive reaction during laser and facial treatments. During my training as a spiritual healer, one graduate of the School of Spiritual Healing in particular impressed me with her intuitive approach to people and their problems – her name is Irene Seidl. From 2002-2004, I completed the certification to become a Sensitive Coach under Irene Seidl Irene Seidl (NLP trainer, life coach, mental and sensitive coach, etc.)

Detailed consultation regarding your concerns or symptoms. A large percentage of illness causes are invisible or outside of our knowledge and perception faculties. Identifying and understanding the causes using radiasthetic measures. Illness-causing vibrations are recognizable through an abnormal vibration pattern that reveals itself through an assessment of the aura, meridians or the chakras. I am also able to touch on underlying themes through my sensitive perception abilities. Energy transmission follows through laying my hands on meridians, chakras or over the aura. With the additional help of color vibrations or positive affirmations, the energy flow can be supported and strengthened. This regulating power works on both the physical and psychic planes – balancing, always giving, never demanding or taking. Sensitive people perceive energy flows in the form of warmth, color, or images. True healing can only happen when the causes are acknowledged, then neutralized or dissolved.



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Praxiszentrum Petricek, Wien

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